CAT-ference Theme and Call for Panels: “Comparing Cities after Transition”

The overall theme of the 8th CATference–“Comparing Cities after Transition”–builds on CAT’s long-standing endeavour to build bridges between and within urban research communities (be they regional, discipline or topic-based). The main goal of the conference is to encourage conversations of a comparative nature regarding cities and urbanism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, as well as on other contexts frequently referred to as “post-socialist”. Fresh empirical and theoretical contributions at different scales, from different perspectives, and with different disciplinary vantage points are warmly welcomed.

We think that Belgrade/Serbia/former Yugoslavia is a more than fruitful seedbed for CATs on every stage (beginners to experienced) due to the broad variety of urban phenomena over time and space. The scientific programme of the conference will be complemented by a two-day field trip offering an inspiring opportunity to explore the singular urbanization processes and urban development taking place in the former Yugoslavia. The Balkans remain understudied in the literature, a situation which we hope to improve on with this event.

The themes we wish to focus on are:
  1. The place of CATs in urban theory
  2. Cities and social justice
  3. Smart cities
  4. Migration and mobilities in CATs
  5. Post-truth urbanism
This could include topics such as (not exclusively!):